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When the X-Games extreme sports events visited Barcelona with the World RallyCross cars attending, it was too good an opportunity to miss for Ford Performance.


RacingLine was engaged to manage the event for a select invitation list of senior European journalists. Four 650hp RallyCross Fiestas were the highlight for guests at a circuit near Barcelona delivering once in a lifetime passenger rides at very high speeds (and some dramatic angles!) to all.


The attendance of Ken Block as one of our drive team was a particular highlight.

As always, it's the behind the scenes abilities that marks RacingLine out for an event of this nature. As with all of our clients, Ford put their trust in our team to deliver them a controlled, tightly managed event for their VIP invite list. 

Managing a compact timetable efficiently is a key skillset for our team; sticking to schedule without ever causing guests to feel rushed, yet fitting around the challenges that managing a global superstar such as Ken Block can pose. Combining this with a strict control over the safety aspects mandated by Ford is another area in which RacingLine excels, and gaining and maintain the trust that the client has placed in us.

Our measure of success is that no guest or host notices this level of control, simply enjoying their experience.


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