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Apprentice Graduation.

Volkswagen Group UK leads the industry with its Apprentice Programme, training many hundreds of young technical learners each year.

To recognise and reward each year's graduating group, RacingLine has delivered a spectacular event to mark their achievements for the past 12 years. The overall theme of the event is one of celebration, with a focus on fun and reward. Yet the structure of the event never forgets the opportunity to expose the delegates to the product range, its technologies and the capabilities of the Volkswagen Group range. 

Overall, the event strives to send home highly motivated technicians who feel valued and recognised by Volkswagen Group, with an enhanced pride in their brands.


The success of such events lies in our military precision scheduling! With 250 guests per day over two days, 96 cars on site and 60 event crew, RacingLine's operational skills come to the fore.

The activities for the day revolve around a variety of driving-orientated themes, plus the opportunity to reinforce product awareness, understanding and demonstration of key technologies in a controlled environment.

RacingLine structure each day around three activity block themes – Race, Road and Off Road. Each zone has entirely different characteristics for the guests, and all activities are carefully designed to minimise waiting time.

Every single aspect of the day is developed and managed by RacingLine. The guest invitations and communications from start to finish, the AV and venue branding, sourcing and briefing the many pro-drivers needed, clothing for all guests, catering, filming and the awards-presentation finale. The sourcing of all cars (including supercars and racing cars) is one of RacingLine's major skill sets. Of course, with an event of this nature extensive liaison with VWG's Health and Safety team, and insurers, is integral to every element of the event production. 

RacingLine has unrivalled experience in delivering events of this nature. All activities have to be timed to the minute with our highly experienced team. The years of experience gained allow detailed timings for each activity to be accurately developed, timings for guest movements, time for each lap and so on. As always for this type of event, if one activity is one minute longer than planned, and another is one minute shorter, there will soon be a very large problem!


The unique skillset of the RacingLine team make sure this doesn’t happen.

The post-event guest feedback survey is always overwhelmingly positive, with one delegate memorably describing the day as 'the best day of my life'.

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