Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles entrusted RacingLine to deliver not one, but two critical model introductions for the ever-growing brand.

The new Caddy van and T6 Transporter van represents the majority of the VWCV brand's sales, hence the success of this dual central launch training event was of critical importance to the company. 

RacingLine created a fully immersive launch event held for VWCV, welcoming 400 of their key dealer staff to Rockingham circuit across four days. A multipurpose event space was created inside and outside the circuit's facilities to provide a fresh and functional delegate experience.

This event environment showcased both the new Caddy and Transporter product line up against its key competitors.  RacingLine's responsibilities were broad and all-encompassing: produced the event theme, managed the  production and guest communication process, dressing and presenting the venue to create a premium look and feel to the circuit.

45 competitor vans were sourced by RacingLine for both drive and static appraisal purposes. As the Volkswagen vehicles were all left-hand drive, all of the driving was delivered within the circuit confines, with our team creating real-life driving experiences from the track facilities.

RacingLine's drive team of Brand Ambassadors led the Volkswagen and competitor drive appraisals - creating multiple short drives with multiple changeover points to allow each delegate the maximum exposure to the new Caddy and Transporter, plus their rival fleet