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Mazda Motors UK.

CX-30 National Dealer Launch.

Mazda's new compact SUV entrant, the CX-30, is a critical model introduction for the ever-growing brand.

With the Mazda brand's path to premium evolving boldly around the introduction of each new-generation model, RacingLine's brief was to create an innovative, stylish and premium event environment with engaging blended learning to showcase the new model to the entire dealer network.


RacingLine created a fully immersive launch event held for Mazda, welcoming 400 of their key dealer staff to the British Motor Museum at Gaydon across four days. A multipurpose event space was created inside and outside the museum to provide a fresh and classy delegate experience.

This event environment showcased the new CX-30 product line up against its key competitors.  RacingLine's responsibilities were broad and all-encompassing: produced the event theme, managed the  production and guest communication process. The venue was beautifully dressed with dramatic lighting and elegant branding elements throughout, to create a true Mazda look and feel to the Motor Museum.

40 competitor vehicles were sourced by RacingLine for both drive and static appraisal purposes. Meanwhile, the RacingLine team developed the full day's training content structure from scratch, providing a team of our partner trainers to deliver the content in a lively, engaging manner.

Out on the road, RacingLine's drive team of 12 Brand Ambassadors led the CX-30 and competitor drive appraisals - comprising two 1 hour long road routes complete with 6 changeover points for each drive. The Brand Ambassador team led the blended learning via radio communications with their following convoy, allowing delegates to experience as they drive.

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