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It's always a challenge to propose a venue that stands out. And it's a challenge that RacingLine relishes.

This is why Audi UK came to RacingLine for the press launch of the important new Q5 SUV. Our choice of Hastings Pier delivered a truly unique experience for Audi's press guests, along with the opportunity for beautiful drives across the South Downs.

From the moment the doors were opened to the multipurpose event space a whole new delegate experience was evident. 

With RacingLine's stunning internal and external treatments transforming the event spaces on the pier into a truly Audi-appropriate environment, creating a breathtaking, immediate visual impact.

Beyond the all-important venue sourcing and production, RacingLine's responsibilities were broad and all-encompassing. The creation of appropriate drive routes, control of drive schedules, registration and logistics, managing the production.

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